About Us

Our events attract around 60 people in an average week, although there is no such thing.  This comprises members, adherents and usually a significant number of visitors, due to the holiday nature of our town.  The age range of our congregation is a mixture of older people, families and younger individuals.  More importantly the church is cross-denominational in nature with people coming from a variety of backgrounds.

We have recently been doing a sermon series on "what is a church?" We thought it might be useful to have those available here for people to browse. Part one is about what we consider the important factors of a reformed evangelical church. The second part describes why we do some of the things we do in a Baptist Church context. Although these are directed towards members of the church it might be useful for anyone trying to understand where church is coming from.

What is church about 1:


What is church about 2:


 What is church about 3:

 (Notes are as above!)