We believe it is important to pray, not just as individuals, but as a church.  It's important also to expect answers, to reach for miracles, and to watch for God's Spirit at work


Our Church Prayer


Our God and Father we come into your presence in the name of Jesus, our Saviour.
We praise you for who you are and for all that you have done for us.
We worship you because you are the Almighty God and there is none like you.
You are the Creator of everything and we glorify your Name in this place.


You have saved us and redeemed us through your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.
You have filled us with your Holy Spirit to empower us in this new life.
We come before you humbly recognizing that we are sinners saved by your grace.
We come before you thankful for your promises to us and your faithfulness/.
We bring our thanksgiving to you now -
 Thank you Lord for.....................  
In your presence, we confess our sins to you
    and ask for your forgiveness -
 Forgive me Lord for..........................  (silently)


Our hearts desire is to know and to do your will in our lives so we ask you to reveal your will to us and your plans for us, knowing that you are a loving God.
We ask that you would pour out your Holy Spirit on this town, on this congregation, on our families and on our lives.
We thank you for the arrival of our new pastor. Help us to support him in this new ministry.


We ask for your healing and your miracles to be let loose in this church.
We ask that you would help us to pray and to recognise your voice.
We ask that as we seek to draw near to you, you would indeed draw near to us.
Father, we are a foolish people, have mercy upon us and hear our prayers.