Here you will be able to download the material for our one-to-one discipleship programme. These materials are written by the pastor and may contain many errors (both in grammar and theology!) They are for those already taking part in the 1-to-1 programme and are to be used carefully.


Click on the bullet point to download the notes:

 One-to-one Outline


The first block is on getting an overview of our faith:

 One-to-one Starter Session

 1-to-1 Week one: the Big Picture (plus the picture!)

 1-to-1 Week two: the Unfolding Plan

 1-to-1 Week three: the Two Natures

 1-to-1 Week four: Knowing God - His Attributes

 1-to-1 Week five: Knowing God - the Pictures

 1-to-1 Week six: Knowing God - Why does it Matter?

 1-to-1 Week seven: Jesus


The second block is on the Bible, Prayer and the Church:

 1-to-1 Week eight: What is the Bible?

 1-to-1 Week nine: What is Prayer?

 1-to-1 Week ten: What is Church?

 1-to-1 Week eleven: How do I read the Bible?

 1-to-1 Week twelve: How do I Pray?

 1-to-1 Week thirteen: How do I make the most of Church?

 1-to-1 Week fourteen: Why have Confidence in the Bible?


The third block is about deepening our understanding:

1-to-1 Week fifteen: What does it mean to be a Christian?

1-to-1 Week sixteen: What are you worth?