Our Church

Church Life


The morning service is at 11:00 am on a Sunday and, whilst based on a standard Baptist format, will display the flavour of the worship team who are responsible for the leading of that service.  Communion is a regular part of morning services.

An adult Bible class precedes the service and a children’s Sunday school operates as required.

Holy Ground is our monthly evening event which is informal and interactive in style.  The focus is on worship through a variety of mediums and each month revolves around a theme.

There are several house-groups and other small groups meeting regularly.

Our Church Prayer

Our God and Father we come into your presence in the name of Jesus, our Saviour.
We praise you for who you are and for all that you have done for us.
We worship you because you are the Almighty God and there is none like you.
You are the Creator of everything and we glorify your Name in this place.

You have saved us and redeemed us through your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.
You have filled us with your Holy Spirit to empower us in this new life.
We come before you humbly recognizing that we are sinners saved by your grace.
We come before you thankful for your promises to us and your faithfulness/.
We bring our thanksgiving to you now –
Thank you, Lord for…………………
In your presence, we confess our sins to you
and ask for your forgiveness –
Forgive me Lord for…………………….. (silently)

Our heart’s desire is to know and to do your will in our lives so we ask you to reveal your will to us and your plans for us, knowing that you are a loving God.
We ask that you would pour out your Holy Spirit on this town, on this congregation, on our families, and on our lives.

We ask for your healing and your miracles to be let loose in this church.
We ask that you would help us to pray and to recognise your voice.
We ask that as we seek to draw near to you, you would indeed draw near to us.
Father, we are a foolish people, have mercy upon us and hear our prayers.

A Brief History of DBC

An early church, founded in 1803, closed after a few years, and it was not until 1863 that a more permanent witness was established.  In that year the Glasgow industrialists and philanthropists William Quarrier, Thomas and William Coats and James Wilson founded the church, although it was only a summer church, catering for holidaymakers coming “doon the watter” from Glasgow.

On 12th December 1883, the early pioneers were happy to hand over the reins to the local congregation and Dunoon Baptist Church was formally constituted, although ill health forced the first minister, R. C. Sowerby to retire after two years.  His successor, Rev. Duncan MacGregor had an outstanding ministry from 1886 to 1909, during which time he oversaw the building of the new church in John Street (the existing church adjoining the new building became the church hall).  MacGregor also formed the Dunoon Baptist College at Dhallingmhor and one of his outstanding students (who was also a member and deacon of the church) was Oswald Chambers.

In 1961 the United States Naval Base opened on the Holy Loch and, with it, a fostering of relationships which played a major role in church life and beyond.  The unexpected announcement in 1990 that the base was to close had one very major repercussion as the American YMCA building was put up for sale in 1991 and Dunoon Baptist Church, with the unanimous approval of all members, has been able to move from John Street to its present beautiful strategic waterfront premises.