Our Missionary Partners

Greg and Diane Henderson

Greg Henderson

Greg and Diane Henderson work with Wycliffe and SIL. Greg is International Vernacular Media Coordinator, investigating how we get the Bible to those who don’t read. He is confident that with the growing trends in media and increased access to internet and phone technology his whole department is becoming more integrated into Bible services and the work they’re doing in spreading God’s Word through technologies is having wider application.

If you are interested in their work using media technology to reach people with God’s Word you can e-mail him at greg_henderson@sil.org or click here to go to their website.

Simon and Annika Flanagan

The Flanagans

Simon and Annika Flanagan work with New Tribes Mission. They were in Papua New Guinea planting church and translating the Bible for the Mengen people but returned home when having their third child, Karis, who was born with a heart condition. They are currently teaching at New Tribes training College in North Cotes and looking forward to a new mission field in the New Year. Karis is doing great and is 2 now and has a wee brother Judah too. Click here to go to their website.

Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) World Mission

The Laussus

Sitongua and Lynn Laussu are our contacts for Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) World Mission. BMS World Mission are a missionary organisation operating across the globe. You may find their website here.

The Raven Trust (Malawi)

John and Sue Challis are our contacts for the Raven Trust- a missionary group set up in Malawi. You may find their website here.

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) (Uganda)

The Swansons

Andy and Heather Swanson are our contacts for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)- a missionary group set up in Uganda. You may find their website here.

Biternes Afloat (UK)

Nick Smith

“For over 70 years we have provided the adventure of becoming immersed in living, eating and sleeping on boats, learning to sail during the day. Around this, we seek to develop a greater understanding of Christianity, sharing together through teaching, worship and time together. We have always run a cruise at Easter and for the last ten years, a summer version for older young people, focussing on leadership as well as faith development. This year we have provided all of this bar the actual sailing with a programme of online acitivies and teaching during Easter week that has run on into a 16 week teaching and discussion series during lockdown.” Nick Smith is our contact for Biternes Afloat- a missionary group set up in the UK. You may find their website here.