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I think it’s hard making decisions about ministries. I’m sure when Jesus sent out the 12 disciples, and then the 72, He knew the challenges they would face and that some of them would find it hard. He trusted them and gave them instructions and gave them a chance to be at the front. Our troubles with who we get to take on ministries tend to be based more on the simple balance between availability and ability. Maybe if we are lucky, we have the luxury of considering integrity.

Who should lead our Sunday School comes down to who is willing and who can work with children? Yet there are more young people at Sunday School than before, and their age ranges vary greatly. Is it not one of the key ministries of the church? Surely there should be people delighted to take on the opportunity to make a Spiritual difference in a young life?

Forcing someone to take on (or keep on) work they don’t enjoy is not God’s way. Maybe if we don’t enthuse people about the possibilities of Sunday School and the impact that it has, we’ll never get the right person. I know that people with integrity, gifting and availability are few and far between, but this is not a thankless task. Who doesn’t remember the songs they learnt as a child? The Bible verses in my head come more from my childhood training than my teenage ambitions or my adult (not that I like to think that I’ve grown up) attempts at continued development. I may have only learnt them to get sweeties, but they have stayed there.

I think we like new things far more than consistent, faithful ministries and yet it is the solid, consistent teaching of the Word that sustains us. I suppose we’re no different from the Israelites who enjoyed the manna from heaven, until they had it every day, and then they complained. One young life is more changed by faithfulness, more nourished by compassion and care than by big parties or generous gifts. Right?

So what do we do? How can we show the Spirit of God at work in consistent things more than innovations? Do we believe that God works in faithful things, or are we hoping for some sweeping revival to come from outside because we tried a new type of prayer meeting or a different sort of outreach?

My blog isn’t much good is it? More questions than answers. I am convinced however that God’s faithfulness is a key part of our design in His image. We need to value persistence and faithful ministries because we believe that many of those who reign with Him will have endured with Him for a long time and much of their faith will come from their childhood.