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Community Bible Experience

The Community Bible Experience is designed to be done as a group or church. The plan is to read through the whole New Testament in 8 weeks. The outline splits it into 8 sections. For each week there are 5 days worth of readings (allowing rest or catch up times). Following each week you gather as a group or in small groups and discuss what you have read.

Like a normal Bible study, but with a larger scope, the plan is to get an overview of all the New Testament says. By reading so much each day you’re encouraged to ask only broad brush questions and to make only a few notes to see the bigger picture and not get distracted by little notes.

Groups will vary and the program can be very encouraging. Make sure that those who have not completed all the reading are not alienated from the conversations. Often it is helpful listening to the passages rather than reading them in finding an overview and bigger plan. To help there is one page of notes for each week of the programme (we don’t want to add too much more reading!)

The notes for the programme can be found here.

Originally the Community Bible Experience was created by Biblica, with copies of the New Testament laid out in order to follow the plan. With their material no longer available we created our own notes to follow the Bible reading plan.