Dunoon Bible College

A Brief Introduction to Dunoon Bible College

In 1893, Duncan MacGregor -then pastor of Dunoon Baptist Church- felt there was a need for a Bible College that was not being met by the church denominations. He began a college in Dunoon which was focussed on training pastors and had some powerful success, with Oswald Chambers, for example, not only coming through the college but also teaching at it.

The issues might have changed but the relevance of a Bible College in Dunoon has returned and the church has again embarked on providing courses of study. For many, Bible College has become too costly and is beyond their means. For others the courses of study seem too academic, focussed on education rather than training for ministry or deepening of faith.

Our goal is to provide courses that are very inexpensive and that are fundamentally designed to encourage our faith. They are meant not only for those in ministry but anyone who wants to grow in their knowledge of God. In addition, we hope to make modules available to local churches, so you don’t have to come to Dunoon Baptist. If you are interested in studying some of the modules, please contact Alan here.

The Modules

Module 1 – Taking Responsibility for my Faith

In 2019 we began with ‘Taking Responsibility for my Faith,’ highlighting how to pray, read the Bible, share accountability, know the Gospel, fast and other elements that help faith grow.

Module 2 – Who is God?

This year, we did our second module: ‘Who is God?’, helping us know Him more deeply. You can find the connecting videos here.

Module 3 – The Bible

We are currently doing ‘The Bible,’ helping us grasp hold of a book that is not only our core text, but the voice of our God. The connecting videos can be found on our YouTube channel, Powerpoint slides that accompany the videos and the notes for the Module are available here.

Module 4 – The Identity of Man

We furthermore hope to look at ‘The Identity of Man,’ which will help us think about the place of humanity in the bigger scheme.

The Cost

Each module will cost £50 which is made up of £25 for the Materials and £25 for the Assessment and Certification of the module. If a local church is willing to meet the costs of printing and preparing the materials that would mean this cost would no longer apply.