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This page is for the media that accompanies the Holy Spirit Module for Dunoon Bible College.

Notes for the Module

Introduction, Assignments, Reading List and Weeks 1-2 Notes here.

Week 3, Week 4 and Week 5 notes available here. (apologies for lack of updates, due to Covid)

Powerpoint Slides that Accompany Videos

Introduction, Outline and Concerns here.

Week 1 – The Spirit in the Godhead here.

Week 2 – The Spirit and the Word here.

Week 3 – The Biblical Depiction of the Holy Spirit here.

Week 4 – The Conviction of the Holy Spirit here.

Week 5 – The Fruit of the Spirit here.

Week 6 – Receiving the Spirit here.

Week 7A – Spiritual Gifts

Week 7B – Sign Gifts and Cessation

Week 8 – Church Denominations and the Spirit here.